Fundraising with Timberlords

Need a great place for your next fundraising event?


  • Once we receive your request/inquiry for fundraising, we will agree on a non-peak time and day that works for your group.
  • We will discuss occupancy and number of participants that will be involved in your event.
  • You can sell “tickets” or raffle tickets to the event at a set amount or simply by asking for donations. (100 percent of this money goes to your organization.)
  • During the event our “Axe Masters” will guide instruction and game play for your group for a minimum of one hour.
  • You are welcome to facilitate a raffle/auction during the event if you choose.
  • Our “Axe Masters” can also lead your group in a “paying for points” game, where participants collect a predetermined amount of money for points scored during ten consecutive throws.(Donation sheets can be obtained prior to the event in order to collect donations from those whom might not be able to attend.)
  • You can sell spots to teams of 2, 4, 6 or 8 (depending on how big your organization is.) These teams will “buy in” to a tournament style event where the winning team(s) will earn a portion of the total amount collected. The remaining portion will go directly to your organization. You determine how this is broken up.
  • Any variation of all or none of these style of fundraising options are available and will be agree upon prior to the signing of the event.
  • We are open to discuss any ideas you may have that may better fit your group as well.
  • For further information or to schedule your event please send us an email or text. We look forward to working with you! Email:[email protected] Text: 530-322-9110